Infinite Darkness is a line of roleplaying sites created by die hard fans of the Star Wars saga, movies and beyond.  Originally named Immortal Darkness, the name was changed to reflect the evolving direction of it’s three RPG sites.  Approaching Darkness (NJO era), our first and traditional rpg site was opened in early September of 2007.   As the site grew the first sister site, Beckoning Darkness (legacy era) also a traditional site, was unveiled.  It wasn’t until Crescendo (600 ABY era) was created that we began to see the possibilities of storylines freed of established canon.  With this in mind and the firm belief that RPGs should grow and evolve we decided to take our enterprise into the exciting new direction of infinities.

In recent months we have gone on hiatus, with multiple staff and site changes. Immortal Darkness was transformed into Infinite Darkness– with each remaining site featuring an Infinities-style Star Wars Era. Approaching Darkness (To be re-opened in September) will feature the Dark Nest Era, Legacy of Dreams (formerly Beckoning Darkness), while still in the Legacy era, has a member-driven canon, and Crescendo features our own time period of 600 ABY.

In addition to our own RPG sites, we share an affilliation with NJOE, the Star Wars news and message board.

Zinnos – Infinite Darkness Administrator (Approaching Darkness)

Synlah – Infinite Darkness Administrator (Legacy of Dreams)

Ixtren – Infinite Darkness Administrator (Crescendo); Legacy of Dreams co-administrator

Welcome to Infinite Darkness and  May The Force Be With You All!