RPG Update

Approaching Darkness:  The hunt for renegade Yuuzhan Vong has led a coalition of Jedi and Remnant forces to the planet Lehon.

Legacy of Dreams:  Now based on Nirauan the Jedi-Imperial Knights coalition is on a mission to retrieve Sith artifacts unaware that Darth Skuldren is holding Princess Marasiah prisoner on the planet. Meanwhile the True Empire, Gar Stazi’s GA Remnant forces and Antarian Rangers are involved in an operation to bring down the holonet in the Core.

Crescendo: The Paladins have placed agents in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in an attempt to find the Hidden Sith. In the Rishi Maze Master Raza Sebatyne, along with Kiera and Jagged Antilles have taken their first trip through the infinity gate to a strange new world.


Approaching Darkness Celebrates its Third Anniversary

September 2nd, 2010, Approaching Darkness celebrated its third anniversary. The site started as the first Darkness role play and as it gathered more members, it grew beyond one site, spreading into the spin-off sites of Legacy of Dreams and Crescendo. To commemorate this occasion, ID Administrator (and AD Administrator) Zinnos has completely redesigned the site’s look and advanced AD’s timeline.

To everyone who’s made these last years so successful, we here at Infinite Darkness would like to say thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy your Star Wars Role plays!

ID Award Results!

The results from this year’s ID awards are in!  Best Ewok with a Hutt love scene goes to Skuldren.  Synlah captures Redhead of the Year, and our very own Zinnos won, by unanimous vote, the coveted Lurker Award!  Congrats to everyone.