Darkness Chronicle #6 (May 2nd, 2009)

Hello Everyone!

While the sixth monthly Immortal Darkness newsletter might be slim on the amount of news it contains, you should notice one different thing right away; it has a new name!  That’s right, instead of the general “Immortal Darkness newsletter” it’s now “Darkness Chronicle”!  Woo!

Immortal Darkness News

Newsletter Name!

As you most likely noticed when looking at the title, the ID newsletter has a new name: Darkness Chronicle!  We decided after last month’s newsletter that this should have a name, and after going through many, many possible ones, we finally decided on this one!

Post of the Month Delay

Unfortunately, due to there being a lack of interest with the post of the month in April, we won’t be having that at the end of the newsletter like we always do.  Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter (or a possible announcement before that) for more information on the status of the Post of the Month.

Beckoning Darkness News

Upcoming May Defiance Arc!

Beckoning Darkness has another upcoming arc of its Defiance story this month!  Be sure to watch out for that, as well as an announcement with more details shortly!

Crescendo News

New Administrator!

Crescendo has a new Administrator among the staff; congratulations to Ixtren, a new Admin on the site.  Zinnos and I will still be retaining our positions, but we thought from all of Ixtren’s hard work and dedication to the site that he deserved a position like this.  Congrats Ix!

This concludes Darkness Chronicle’s sixth installment.  We know news last month was slim, but we expect things to pick up around the sites come Summer, when people have more time to RP.  Remember to give us any feedback or suggestions on Darkness Chronicle, or anything else ID-related, at DiscussingDarkness@gmail.com.

May The Force Be With You All!


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