Darkness Chronicle #7 (June 3rd)

Hello Everyone!

ID’s seventh monthly newsletter, Darkness Chronicle, is now out!  This month is once again a bit light on news, but we’re working to liven up the newsletter a bit with new features!

Approaching Darkness News

Upcoming Time Lapse

Approaching Darkness has a time lapse coming up!  We’re working on finalizing the date now, but while we don’t have a specific day for it to start, know that it is coming up very soon so start ending your stories ASAP!  Once we do settle on a date, we’ll announce it, so watch out for that soon.

Beckoning Darkness News

Olari and Saber Bios Put Up

The biographies for the Olari, a group of Force Sensitive beings invented by Cerrinea Warne, and Saber, the intelligence network of the Olari, have been put up.  They’re detailed biographies with alot of information, so you should definitely check them out!  The Olari one can be found here, while the Saber one is located here.

New Defiance Arc Up!

Within the last few days, Beckoning Darkness has posted it’s second reveal to it’s Defiance Story Arc, covering a new strategy enacted by the Jedi Order and executed by the Antarian Rangers. For more information, see this post for details. Keep your eyes open for future reveals in the upcoming months!

Calculated Darkness News

Plot Revelations!

A thread has been posted on Calculated Darkness to update people on future plot developments for the storylines; while there’s not much info now, there will be much more in the future, so be sure to keep checking on the thread for updates.


New Cloaking Technology!

Ixtren has posted new details on cloaking technology for ships on Crescendo here.  Simply scroll down a bit to the part labelled “Stealth Technology” and you should see it.  Be sure to check out the great addition to the technology section of the site!

This concludes the seventh issue of Darkness Chronicle.  If you have any suggestions or feedback for the newsletter or anything else involving ID, simply email DiscussingDarkness@gmail.com and a staff member will get back to you very soon.

May The Force Be With You All!


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