Newsletter #2 (January 1st, 2009)

Hello Everyone!

We’re going to kick off the new year with a brand new newsletter, starting the monthly series here on out.  You probably received a letter recently – it served as an introduction of sorts, letting you know we would do this from now on every start of the month.  December, the last month of 2008, has served as a pretty major month for the Darkness line, with many new features, refreshing looks to the sites, and even a new addition to the Darkness line.

General Immortal Darkness News

Welcoming Calculated Darkness!

Immortal Darkness is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s line of roleplaying sites; Calculated Darkness, a Rise Of The Empire era site.  Opened early December, it takes place specifically in 27 BBY, and while at the moment it is a bit slower than some of our older sites, that is simply because it is a very recently made site.  Things will surely kick off soon enough; the main Administrators there are Lord Iurus and Darth Katanra, whom you might recognize from Approaching Darkness.  It’s still early in the story, so now would be a great time to join, when you can develop thrilling storylines with other people and start off on new adventures in the roleplaying universe.

Interviews; Stover, Anderson & Williams

Immortal Darkness has some great people lined up for interviews (though for most of them, the questions are already due); the first one was with author Kevin J. Anderson, writer of notable things such as the Young Jedi Knights series, Tales Of The Jedi, and the Jedi Academy trilogy.  This was actually a live chat held December 7th, but the questions and answers have been posted on ID, where you can see them all here.

Second on our list is our interview with famed author Matthew Stover, writer of novels such as Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, the Revenge Of The Sith novelization, and New Jedi Order: Traitor.  Questions for this interview have already been submitted, so you can expect the questions soon enough.

Our last interview is with the writer of New Jedi Order: Destiny’s Way and Ylesia.  Questions for this interview are still flowing in, and the due date for entries is January 15th 2009.  Questions you can submit are unlimited in amount; be sure to jump on this chance and ask whatever comes to mind.  You can submit questions here for that interview.

Clone Wars Episode And Movie Guides

Immortal Darkness has a new feature for its members; episode reviews and summaries for the Clone Wars episodes and movie.  The first episode summary has been posted for the first CW episode, Ambush.  You can check that out here.  More to come soon!

Crescendo Open For Roleplaying

Crescendo, another recent addition to the Darkness line that takes place in 600 ABY, has officially opened for roleplaying.  People have already submitted bios and gotten involved in their stories, so head on over there now to check it out.  We’ve created our own universe, NPC characters, and history.  We hope the Darkness members enjoy the new site (hosted by Zinnos and me, MizzeeOH)!

Post Of The Month

We’re also proud to announce a new section to the monthly newsletter, a section devoted entirely to the best posts from all of the Darkness sites each month. During the month, each member will be able to nominate three posts (from each Darkness Roleplay) in the appropriate thread in the News and Announcement Forum. At the end of the month, the administrators of each site will choose the top post(s) from the nominations and forward them to MizzeeOH and Zinnos who select the best post of all sites and the runner-ups. These selections will then be sent out with the monthly newsletter.

Members are trusted to select only those posts they feel are worth of the honor, though you are not allowed to nominate your own posts.  Remember to nominate only the posts you feel have the best quality. Until then, start reading and make sure to pace yourself in selecting qualified posts.

Approaching Darkness News

New AD/NJO Timeline

Frequent former Revan Onasi has made a handy timeline for Approaching Darkness; it lists the events of the roleplay while at the same time listing notable events in the New Jedi Order series, when the site takes place.  It covers things such as notable battles, character deaths, and much more.  It’s very detailed and helpful for those who aren’t sure of the exact time of AD, so even if you’re an NJO veteran, you should check it out.  Thanks to Revan for his great contribution to the site!

New Look

Approaching Darkness has a new look to it; a dark grey background with black accents throughout the site.  It also has a new banner – the Japanese Star By Star cover (one of my personal favorite Japanese covers).  Also new are the statistics buttons and reply buttons – we hope all of the members enjoy the look (even though we change it often…. We’re restless that way), and remember that feedback is always appreciated.

We hope the enjoyed this newsletter, and hope it filled you in on anything you might have missed this past month.  We also hope you all had a great start to the New Year, and keep on having a great year!  Remember, we love your feedback, and if you have any suggestions on how to make the newsletter better, feel free to email us at

May The Force Be With You All!


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