Newsletter #3 (February 1st, 2009)

Hello Everyone!

The third monthly newsletter is one full of news that had previously been kept under wraps. From interviews to ID events that span all RPGs, this month will be full of surprises and excitement.  Hopefully this month will prove to be a notable month in ID history!

Immortal Darkness News and Interviews

With Calculated Darkness and Crescendo kicking off with fantastic new storylines and the fires of hell rising in both Approaching Darkness and Beckoning Darkness, Discussing Darkness has hosted two Member Interviews recently- one with the ever elusive and mysterious Count Boobu and the other with ID Administrator MizzeeOH (Magenta Marr).  MizzeeOH’s interview can be found here, while Count Boobu’s is located here.  Next up is ID Administrator Zinnos (Darth Aeacus). Discussing Darkness is also sporting a new Outcast countdown, courtesy of  Also be sure to check out the review sections on DD, for any and all things – even some things that don’t have to do with SW!

Furthermore, a recent interview with Star Wars artist Dave Seeley has been posted on ID itself. Also, ID is proud to announce its upcoming interview with John Jackson Miller, writer and creator of the Star Wars comic series, Knights of the Old Republic. Questions for Mr. Miller will be due on Discussing Darkness on February 17th, 2009, which you can submit here. And let’s all thank Mr. Miller for his time!

We also want to announce our new reviewer of “The Clone Wars” episodes; AD forumer Luthias Kareu, also known as Darth Vastatio on BD.   Luthias will no doubt give great reviews to put up on ID, so be sure to give a warm welcome to our new reviewer!  Speaking of Clone Wars, also check out Iurus’s “The Clone Wars” excellent movie review here!

Post of the Month Updates

The Post of the Month was a challenge enacted early last month so that member of the Immortal Darkness community could strive to create the most entertaining post possible.  We’re proud to announce the very first post that has acquired that privilege: Darth Skuldren’s post on Beckoning Darkness, starting the topic “Finding Reality”.  It’s an excellent post, which is why we selected it, and it can be viewed both  here and below:

“The tomb’s corridor stretched endlessly into the curtains of darkness. Skuldren walked across the echoing stones, shuddering in the chill air of the cave. An eerie pallid green moss gave faint illumination. Just enough to see the edges in the stone blocks.

Step after step he walked further along the looming jade light and the creeping shadows. The very stones themselves whispered as he passed.

Die. Death. Fear. Doubt. Dread. Horror. Terror.

“Still your lies!” He shouted.

But the whispers did not stop.

Shuffling his emotions back, he trudged on. Time seemed to speed up even though his steps never quickened. Soon he found the tunnel passage opening into a massive chamber shrouded in wisping tendrils of smoke. The plumes rose up from holes in the ground and amassed to a cloudy roof hanging over head.

Skuldren walked to the center of the room and peered up at the cloud. His eyes trembled when a face appeared amongst the smoke. A slit eyed, fang snarling, pointy eared apparition the size of a space yacht. It spoke only one word.


As the sound reverberated off the walls, the ground began to shake. The stone floor buckled and cracked. Large splits crisscrossed as the ground opened up into crevices. Stinging acidic smoke rolled up from the ruptures. Skuldren fell to his knees trying to wipe his eyes clean of the burning dust, yet failed miserably. Quickly his skin began to bubble. Boils began swelling on his hands and cheeks. He could feel his pores screaming in agony as the smoke tore into his flesh with excruciating glee.

He could hear the face laughing above him. Some long dead Sith spirit reveling in the pain of an unfortunate wayfarer.

Skuldren was on his back now. His body was convulsing, tongue swelled up to twice its size, his lungs starving for air, his insides heaving in desperation. He could feel his eyes bursting in their sockets. Flaming snakes ripped through his ear canals only to whip back and carve canals into his skull. The blood in his veins froze solid. Icicles slammed into his churning heart like lunging swords of a ravenous mob.

One eye lulled open, due more to dying reflex than any willing impulse, and he saw the spirit above him. It appeared as the blackest blackness, like the unbeating heart of a spinning void. The eye of a black hole. It stared at him and its gaze suffocated him. He was paralyzed. Helpless. And the black thing simply watched.

His body was too weak, too pathetic to utter a single sound, yet still his mind screamed in terror.


“-oooooooooooo!” Skuldren sprang up from his bed at the sound of his own shrilling voice.

A dream.

He shuddered. His clothes were stuck to him in cold sweat. Completely soaked.

A nightmare.

Finally adjusting to the world around him, to reality, he remembered he was on Corellia. The dark moonlit sky loomed above. A white glowing face so in contrast with the thing that was in his dream. But it was chilly. Being out in the open with only a sleeping bag did not help. Nor did the fact that his mission prevented him from making a fire.

Instead he had to suffer. The elements. The dreams. The Dark.

The Dark. For his own strange reasons, that thought gave him comfort.

Laying back down, he realized there was no way he could go back to sleep with his damp clothes wringing his body in a frigid cocoon. Crawling out of his sleeping bag, he knelt over my his travel pack and took out a fresh suit of clothing. There were no prying eyes here on the empty plains, so he simply undressed and redressed, being brisk to avoid prolonged exposure to the glacial air.


With fresh dry clothes against his skin, he slipped back into his sleeping bag only to find it damp as well. Luckily it was reversible. With a little more work he finally got back down and was ready to sleep. It was too bad that sleep was not yet ready for him.

Staring up at the night sky, he voided his mind of all thought. Emptiness permeated his being. Sluggishly his conscious wormed its was into oblivion. Sleep crept upon him with blissful spidery legs, gently easing him away…”

There were also many other great posts to choose from, and the runner up’s for each site are:

Approaching Darkness: Darth Nemo, Dark Question: Foundation.  Post 8 of Page 4

Calculated Darkness: Jak Orion, Encounter: Post 1 of Page 3

Crescendo: Zhu E’Ren, Different Rules: Post 8 of Page 1

While not everyones’ posts were selected this month, we applaud each and every post that has been made this month, and hope people continue making wonderful roleplaying posts.

Furthermore concerning the Post of the Month, we have some new rules for the challenge that you will hopefully be happy about.  First, unlike last month’s challenge, you can now nominate what you feel to be your own best post; though you can only nominate one of your own posts, we feel this is enough.  If you do nominate your own post, however, you must also nominate two other posts not your own.  This new rule has been enacted for all Immortal Darkness sites.

Immortal Darkness: Vector

Recently, a year long journey between multiple comic series in Vector has sweeped the nation. Now, there are plans for ID to have it’s own Vector Storyline, one that will start in Calculated Darkness and will journey throughout each Darkness RPG until finally ending in Crescendo. The storyline will start soon, and will feature the travels of a mysterious Rouge Jedi with ties to beings such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lumiya, and Darth Krayt!

The storyline will be monitored by the ID staff, and will remain, for the most part, a secret to the members. Interaction with the Vector storyline is optional, of course, but will be the main focus of the sites or be interwoven into the main plot. So get ready for the first real connection between each Darkness site, one that will leave shocking results on all fronts. Believe me, you are in for a treat.

Approaching Darkness: Sith Forum

With all the Sith on Approaching Darkness, we recently created a new forum exclusive to Sith only.  In this forum Dark Siders can plot their evil deeds, along with perhaps making a new, more organized order amongst themselves.  If you’re a Sith, you’ve probably already gotten the password, but if any Sith out there hasn’t that we’ve missed, please PM one of the Mods or Admins and they’ll give you the password for the forum.  It’s located in the AD planning forum, and currently most Sith are required to post there to either elaborate upon their backstories, feature plotlines, or something else along those lines.

New Beckoning Darkness Rules

Beckoning Darkness had recently updated their rules with new guidelines for the site to follow.  Some of the newly updated rules involve roleplaying, how to behave on the forum, and many more things!  Be sure to check it out here.  Soon, Approaching Darkness will be fitted with the same editing of rules.

This concludes Immortal Darkness’s February’s newsletter.  We hope you enjoyed it, and any suggestions any of you have for it would certainly be welcome.  Those suggestions, along with anything else pertaining to ID, can be submitted to

May The Force Be With You All!


3 responses

  1. Darth Skuldren

    Just read Nemo’s post in DQ: Foundation. Very nice! Sometime I’ll have to go back and read through those DQ threads…

    February 2, 2009 at 3:05 pm

  2. Darth Nemo

    Woo! I got the post of the month for AD! And thanks, Skuldren, your post was far better. And if you ever decide to read through DQ, I hope you’ll find the story interesting.

    February 3, 2009 at 12:29 pm

  3. Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

    June 13, 2009 at 10:29 am

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