Newsletter #4 (March 1st, 2009)

Hello Everyone!

This month’s Immortal Darkness newsletter is sure to be great, with, among the news across the sites, the new Post of the Month, with runner ups on all the Darkness sites.  Be sure to check all that out and more below!

General Immortal Darkness News

Walter Jon Williams Interview Up

The Walter Jon Williams interview has been posted on the site, and it’s definitely a great read.  Be sure to check that out here, and let’s all thank Mr. Williams for taking his time to answer our questions!

John Jackson Miller Interview Deadline Extended

As many of you hopefully remember, Immortal Darkness scored an interview with Kotor comic writer John Jackson Miller last month.  Due to lack of questions (and other reasons) we’re extending the deadline for now, so please get any questions you can think of in to us here.

Interview With Zinnos

ID is also having an interview with Administrator Zinnos (a.k.a Darth Aeacus), who is accepting questions now here.  Be sure to send in any questions, silly or not, that you can think of.  MizzeeOH supports questions that would torture her Co-Administrator, and even encourages them.

Approaching Darkness News

Revan Onasi Needs YOU For His Fan Fic

Forumer Revan Onasi has started an Approaching Darkness story of his own, centering on his characters, but featuring other characters on AD as well.  Before he uses your characters, though, he needs your approval beforehand – he’ll be following the events of the storyline up until the time he left (for personal reasons), and to give your approval simply post in the thread here saying so.

Beckoning Darkness News

Exciting New Updates Coming Soon

While Beckoning Darkness has not had any major news on the site during the month of February, there are many changes coming up soon that you should watch out for.  Those include the forums being redesigned with the look of the other Darkness sites, new ranks, and a great new banner.  Yes Mando Man, you have to do that banner now. 😀

Calculated Darkness News

New, Updated Rules

Calculated Darkness has updated their previous rules with a set of rules now more accurate for the site.  Be sure to check that out, and the rest of the site, here.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for….. The POST OF THE MONTH!!!

We would first like to thank everyone for contributing to the nominations, and even if your post did not get selected, know that all of your posts have been excellent to read, and we hope you roleplay as much this coming month.  Be sure to nominate any posts you see that you especially think are good, and the nomination thread for March should be up soon.  Without further ado, the post of the month:  Zhu E’XingXin’s post in Different Rules on Crescendo, Page 2, Post 10.  We would post it in here but since it’s quite large and it has pictures, it’d probably be better if we just linked you for you to see here.

The Runner Ups on other sites were:

Approaching Darkness: Agathon Grenada, Rouge Cryth, Destinies Revealed.  Post 4 of Page 3.

Beckoning Darkness: Laton Halycon, Convergence of Force, Gathering Losses.  Post 1 of Page 2

Beckoning Darkness: Darth Skuldren, Moments of Darkness.  Post 1 of the thread (it was a tie between this and Laton’s post for BD)

Calculated Darkness: Dooku, Merging Goals.  Post 2 of Page 1

Congratulations to everyone whose post was selected, and good luck to everyone next month as well!

This concludes Immortal Darkness’s 4th newsletter.  While this month may have seemed a bit light on the news, you can be assured that March will have LOTS of great stuff to look forward to.

May The Force Be With You All!


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