Newsletter #5 (April 1st, 2009)

Hello Everyone!

The fifth monthly Immortal Darkness newsletter is packed with news, including the recent news of an affiliation with NJOE, something we are all very excited for!  Check out this month’s issue of the ID newsletter (man, we need a name for this thing) below:

Immortal Darkness News

ID Affiliates With NJOE!

Announced just a couple of days ago, Immortal Darkness has affiliated with NJOE; the two sites have always had a close relationship, sharing many members, so this is making that relationship official.  NJOE has a redirecting forum to ID, while ID has redirecting forums on all of its sites to NJOE.  We’ll be sharing interviews as well, and all major SW discussion will be directed to NJOE, as well as all RPs being directed to ID.  We’re very excited for the new partnership!

Discussing Darkness Closes

In light of the new affiliation with NJOE, we’ve decided to close ID site Discussing Darkness.  Field Trip will be moved to Approaching Darkness, where it originally was, and you can conduct all major SW discussion at

Interview With Zinnos: New Deadline

As some of you might remember, the deadline for questions for the interview with Zinnos was extended indefinitely.  That was due to the NJOE affiliation, so that we might get more questions for the interview; now that that is announced, we have a new deadline for his interview.  Questions are due April 11th (no coincidence that that is his birthday 😀 ), so be sure to get in your questions into this thread so you can more know about our favorite Serial Killer!

Approaching Darkness News

New Rules And Force Power Guide!

AD has some new rules up, updated from the original set of rules.  Be sure to check those out here, and any feedback or suggestions you have would be very appreciated!  We also just put up a guide to Force powers, originally created by Ariel Erose for Beckoning Darkness, which you should also read here.

New Forum Banners

AD has new forum banners done by Ixtren Wallonis, which are all very nice!  Thanks Ixtren!

Beckoning Darkness News

The Defiance Story Has Begun!

Beckoning Darkness has kicked off an exciting new overarching story, Defiance; you can check out the details here.  Defiance is planned to, as of now, run until September of this year, with a little more of the story being revealed each month.  You can see the first installment of the Defiance arc here, along with a summary of the story events done here.

New Site Look

Beckoning Darkness also features a great new look, with a new banner featuring Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the sides and Cade Skywalker in the middle.  The forums have also been re-arranged, to now show the territories (Outer Rim, Inner Rim, ect) instead of all the planets being on the main page.  If you’re at all confused as to where a certain planet is, check out Prescott’s guide to the planet locations here.  Lastly, BD has a new set of ranks, going along with the rest of the new look of the site.

Congratulations To New Moderator Ceran Orslo!

BD has a new Moderator added to the staff; let’s all give a shoutout to Ceran Orslo!  He’ll no doubt be a great Mod, so congrats to him. 😀

Calculated Darkness

New Images

Calculated Darkness has a new set of images for everything you can imagine; statistics buttons, forum banners, ect.  Let’s give a shoutout to Skulderan, who did all of the images!  *applause*


New List Of Jedi!

Recently added to Crescendo is a list of the current (600 ABY) Jedi Council members, as well as famous Jedi of the past.  It’s still being updated, but there’s already alot of information, so be sure to check that out here.  Watch out for more character lists this month!

Post of the Month

Now for the ever exciting post of the month, where we feature the posts deemed especially great among the ID roleplaying sites.  This month, we have selected – drum roll please…… Honor Harrington’s death post on Approaching Darkness!  It was a great post, and you should definitely check it out here (page 3, post 6).  The posts selected for the other sites are as follows:

Beckoning Darkness; Zaryk Thrysus, Gojira, Post #15

Calculated Darkness; Skulderan, Merging Goals, Post #9

Crescendo; Daven Solo, Calm Before the Storm, Post #1 of Page 2

Congratulations to everyone whose posts were selected!  Keep in mind that even if your post was not selected, you’re all still great RPers!

This concludes this month’s Immortal Darkness newsletter!  We also want to wish everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day (I did have something planned for AD, but after finding the HTML code to be too complex, I failed at the attempt, but watch out next year)!  Be sure to email us any feedback or suggestions you have concerning the newsletter, or anything else for that matter, at

May The Force Be With You All!


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